Microsoft: We’re destroying our Redmond grounds to construct a little city


No more autos, new soccer and cricket fields, bistros, bicycle tracks, spans, light rail, and that’s just the beginning.

Microsoft has declared a noteworthy remodel of its Redmond grounds that will take seven years to finish, totally upgrading the look and feel of the place to present a “more open and less formal” workplace.

A video of the changed grounds demonstrates that the future Redmond home office will look and work more like little city, including a two-section of land open court that can have 12,000 individuals, retail space, new running and strolling trails, two soccer handle, a cricket field, and its own particular light rail station. The grounds will be separated into “group neighborhoods”.

Numerous Americans have never played cricket, however Microsoft has a considerable measure of workers from India, including CEO Satya Nadella, who’s a major enthusiast of the diversion, and from other previous British settlements.

Microsoft wants to move all autos to an underground stopping office and is planning the grounds completely around people on foot and bicycles.

It’s likewise constructing another scaffold for people on foot and cyclists to traverse the WA-520 and associate the two sides of its grounds. This will associate with an arranged Redmond Technology Transit Station where the Link Light Rail is relied upon to touch base in 2023.

Once entire, the grounds will have 131 structures, contrasted and the present 125 structures, and will offer workspace for the 47,000 representatives who right now work there, in addition to space for an extra 8,000 individuals.

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